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Common Questions About Concrete Countertops:

Concrete Countertops and More

Q. How do Concrete Countertops compare to granite?

A. Concrete Countertops are very similar to granite as it relates to the physical properties. They are both hard, durable countertop surfaces. Both concrete countertops and granite weigh approximately the same. Concrete Countertops are templated and installed just like granite.  Concrete Countertops are  a very practical choice for Kitchen top surfaces. The main difference between concrete countertops and granite is the look. Concrete countertops have  a more natural look, optional satin or matte finish and completely customizable.

Q. Do Concrete Countertops require a lot of maintenance?

A. Concrete Countertops actually are very similar to granite in that they are both porous and have to be sealed and maintained. Most people don't realize granite requires similar maintenance because granite is usually too dark and patterned to show stains. Surface Concepts LLC uses high quality sealers that are highly stain and scratch resistant. We also provide you with an owners manual on how to maintain your Concrete Countertops as well as provide you with touch up kits. Generally Concrete Countertops are easily maintained by simply using a wet sponge or cloth to wipe up spills. Although sealers are scratch resistant we recommend use of cutting boards and discourage placing hot pans directly on concrete countertop surface.

Q. Do I need extra reinforcement for my cabinets to hold the weight of Concrete Countertops?

A. No. Concrete Countertops weigh about the same as granite per square foot.

Q. Do Concrete Countertops crack?

A. Properly made concrete countertops will not develop structural cracks. Surface Concepts LLC warrants against structural cracks. Concrete is a hard porous material though so tiny microcracks can occur. Surface Concepts uses a special fiber in the concrete mix that almost always prevents the microcracks from reaching the surface but it is possible for hairline cracks to still develop. This is purely cosmetic and part of the natural, handcrafted character of concrete countertops.