Bowl Sink 

The Round Bowl sink is a classic 15" diameter bowl with a round drain. This design is a great fit for all types of countertops.  

Shallow Wave Sink

The Shallow Wave is a low profile, gentle sloping wave design that directs water to a central round drain. The shape is similar to the "Barrel" with a larger width and shallower depth. 

Surface Concepts LLC.

Barrel Sink

​The Barrel sink has a half-barrel shape with vertical front and back walls and a smooth flowing slope to a central round drain.  

Concrete Countertops and More

​​​The options are endless at Surface Concepts LLC. Integral Vanity Sink options are one of the many ways you can choose to individualize your concrete countertop.  Let Surface Concepts LLC help you get a truly one of a kind concrete countertop.   

Ramp Sink

One of our most popular models. Standard size pricing available on 17" and 24" Sink size. The Ramp sink is a wedge shaped sink that uses a slot drain rather than a traditional round drain. Custom ramp sizes can be created to meet your individual project needs.